Saturday, 19 August 2017

Your face in the light

I was about to do a post already last night, but then I heard about that dreadful terror attack in Finland by a friend and I ended up following the news and blogging felt suddenly less important thing to do. I was sitting on the bus while my friend sent a message that something has happened in Turku. At first I thought there is just some small stabbing going on, but quickly I realized what was going on. I know many people from Turku and I've visited there really often recently because my dad was treated at the same hospital where the victims and attacker for weeks now during the summer, but he was transferred to the another location on Wednesday. This stupid attack didn't surprise me at all. This all was so much expected. 

But back to the subject. Here is my yesterday's outfit: 
One young guy asked me last nigh while I was going to buy a juice to the grocery store that: "are you going to celebrate because you are so dressed up?" -Nope this is just my everyday outfit. 
I love that chiffon dress and a harness is self made. Shoes are from Dinsko and earrings from Ebay. To be honest I've been really lazy when it comes to the clothes and make up recently, but yesterday I wanted to put effort into the look in honor of Friday. It cheered up my mind instantly.

My week has been quite normal. We visited swimming and sauna on Wednesday and otherwise I've been reading and yes I tried to golf for the first time in my life! My beloved has a golf set because he went in for golfing years ago and now he wanted to try it after a long break. It was really difficult!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I was watchin' the channel zero

I was waiting for the storm in the candle light last night, but it never arrived. What a disappointment! I love the thunder storms and unfortunately there haven't been any decent in this summer. Yesterday  it passed by Tampere and we got just a little bit tears from the sky. 
I've settled in better a day by day and the new dwelling starts to feel already like home though there is still a lot to do. All walls are too white and they require new pictures in a nice frame and in addition I need to cover and fix a rococo chair which is waiting for me in the cellar. That chair is a chaos and I've been moving the project forward all the time. I know there is hundreds of small nails under the cover and they are so difficult to remove; my hand starts to ache if I only think of it. Instead of demolishing the old treasure I've been watching the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy which is getting more and more violent. I had a long break with it because it felt that the  plot is in stuck, but now I have gone several episodes through and it tastes again. 
I also started to read a book about Richey Edwards which I stole from my beloved who didn't read it yet. Manic Street Preachers is fairly unfamiliar to me, but Richey's story is more than interesting. Sometimes I've dreamed of vanishing even myself and kind of I have done it in some level. 
My weekend was pretty good with the candles, book, music and SOA. Hope you had a good time as well. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The whirl

Still alive after the absence. I've been living inside the hurricane or at least it feels like that metaphorically. All the affairs around me have flown tumbled  and I've been watching the chaos in the middle of the whirl. Not the best summer at all. Almost nothing happened like I planned and in addition the weather has been very poor.  Also the move came earlier as I assumed, but that was okay. I've settled down into the new home now and it's pretty and homey, but requires still organization. The location takes time to shake down. Before I lived in the downtown, but now a few kilometers further on. All last week went by packing goods into the boxes and carrying them across the city and hunting the dusty balls and spider webs like a real warrior. 
I try to return to the blogosphere as soon as possible. I've missed blogging a lot, but it's not always possible to do your favorite things in this life. I've taken a bunch of pictures about the nature during the summer which I would like to share with you, but the problem is that my current laptop is really poor quality and it doesn't run photoshop or lightroom properly. I'm about to buy a new computer at some point and then everything will be much easier and especially faster. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Finally I have enough time to stop to write a post about the outfit I wore the other day. A current week has been such a busy with long work days and gym training that I haven't had at all the extra time or energy to even think about the blog. In addition to all other affairs I have packed my life a bit by bit into the boxes because the new address is calling. I already have the keys on hand, but I'm allowed to go in on Tuesday evening! I'm really excited about the new address because it is the prettiest dwelling I have ever had. It's also a bit bigger as my old one including sauna and glazed balcony. 
But one day I was wearing this outfit when it was fairly warm weather. It's quite much diy and it's nice to see I'm able to wear that skirt after losing a few kilos.. heh. A fishnet tights are my best friend and also those pretty heels. 
Skirt: diy, harness: diy, bag: flea market, Shoes: New Look

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Saturday's outfit

The second day of Lumous festival spent in this uniform:
The whole outfit is self made and I really like the set. The hem is long and it causes naturally a bit troubles in the places which are packed with people and sometimes I step on it even myself. I had to fix it after WGT, but at this time the skirt survived without the crack. The corset is old. I made it for Tuska in 2011 and it starts to be scuffed. The  corduroy is not the best choice and my intention was to use the ordinary velvet, but it was sold out. However this is one of my favorite corset and I've worn it a lot.
The day was nice and I met also some new people when I visited a meet-up. I haven't visited any meeting in a long time, but now I had time and I'm glad that I went there. It's always nice to face the new people and I definitely would like to do that more often. The night was also fun and I wore away the bottoms of shoes during Nachtmar's show by dancing like a lunatic. The other bands weren't really for my taste, but Nachtmar was full of energy.