Sunday, 25 June 2017

Midsummer & Mermaid hair

Abandoned streets and silent city around made my Midsummer. As usually we spent Midsummer in the city just me and my beloved by eating good food and I also poured some tasteful sparkling wine through a throat. We listened to the music and watched the movie Arrival which was pretty good science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve. The time flew and we had fun just together. I didn't gathered the flowers or made any other Litha traditions. I just stared at the nightless night through a window like a true townie. As a kid I spent all Midsummers in the countryside so perhaps it's time to spend them now somewhere elsewhere. 

On Saturday the feet led us to Tampere underground event because we both wanted to see one local band there. After the music experience I cycled to the beach because I wanted to have a sauna and get to swim in the lake. That just belongs to the Midsummer. It was raining throughout a day, but that also belongs to. It was the comfy weekend all in all though we didn't plan it much. Sometimes it's better to trust on intuition and follow its signs. 
I bought months ago (or perhaps a year ago) blond clip-on hair and dipped them in the green hair dye. I love green hair, but I don't want to ruin my own hair so I ended up the extensions. I have tried these just a few times before because I'm quite lazy when it comes the hair. However they looked nice especially now when I just dyed my hair into pitch black. 
This outfit is from Friday night. I put on the first garment on which grabbed the hand. 
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 June 2017


The second part of my vacation started today and my mind is full of plans what to do. Recent days have gone so quickly and it feels that the whole summer disappears in a flash. I have been watching the lastest season of Orange is the new black and always when the weather has allowed I've gone to the beach with a book. 
The new dress which I bought the other day from the sale and it's lovely simple black with long sleeves and cost only ten euros. Easy to decor with different accessories and useful to put on in a hurry. I've worn it a lot now when it's been chilly and rainy weather. 
The short post at this time, but I wanted just to share these outfit pictures before I start celebrating the midsummer. The weather does not favor us, but let's have a nice weekend in spite of all!

Friday, 16 June 2017

WGT: Day 4

The last day's outfit which I created extempore and it turned out to be swell. A self made new collar, ruffle top is old, but also self made, belt is from a flea market and skirt which I bought a year ago from WGT. 
The last day was also much expected. I definitely wanted to see Psyclon Nine and Suicide Commando so once again we headed for Agra. Before that we had a short Finish meet-up at the park. Short because it started raining again. Both of those bands sounded awesome and I feel to be privileged to see them. I know there is a lot of fans in Finland who hope to see them some day. I would like to re-see them too so let's hope they will return Europe some day in the future. 

This was my WGT experience of the year. A lot of things that I would have liked to see like that old ruined church, but we also managed to see the new venues and what is the most important those awesome bands! I guess some people come to Treffen just to drink much cheap alcohol and they don't care so much about the music, but I definitely want to see the bands. That's always the main priority to me. 

Now it's time to start to plan the outfits for Lumous gothic festival. I have been quite busy again. There is coming some changes in my life during the summer, but I will tell you later. I try to enjoy warm days as much as possible. Yesterday I had a day off and it was the really nice and warm day so I went to the beach and I even swam! The temperature of water was warmer as I assumed. The rest of the week goes at the work and I have the long days so no special plans for the weekend. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WGT: Day 3

The third day was most likely my favorite and the most expected day this year because of all these lovely bands: She Past Away, The Mission, The 69 eyes and Skinny Puppy. Of course because I come from Finland I've seen The 69 eyes many many times and  I was a big fan in my early teens, but I was fairly curious to see how "big name" it is in Germany. It was actually really interesting to see them abroad and yes they seem to be much popular in Germany what they are in Finland nowadays! It was nice to see.  She Past Away is a new name to me and I started listening to them just a few months before WGT and that was a crush in a first sight. I don't know much about the band, but it was piquant to hear their monotone voice world in a real life.  The Mission and Skinny Puppy are my old favorites and this was the first chance to see them. I already heard earlier in the fall that Helsinki vampires and The Mission are touring together and I was hoping they would come here too. The time passed and I happily noted that they will arrive in WGT which created a big smile onto my face. Skinny Puppy is actually in Helsinki the day after tomorrow 

I went with this simple look: 
Harness: Diy, Skirt: WGT, Bag: Flea market, Shoes: K-kenkä. Tights: Lindex, Corset: Second hand (Lip service)

It was again rainy weather so I didn't want to put on the long skirt which was my first intention so I changed my plan ;D

I also met Queen of Darkness staff which was fun and I got a surprise box!
All in all the day was long, but rewarding. Legs were aching while arriving at the hotel, but all was worth it. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Wave Gotik Treffen: Day 2

The second day offered also new experiences and was fairly interesting despite of a rainy weather which tried to tease us on the evening. After opening eyes we headed for doing those necessary purchases which meant for me buying of cheap hair dyes and some other cosmetics. Seriously a package of hair dye cost under two euros when in Finland it takes at least five or six times more. As a whole I didn't shop much this year. Just a pair of shorts from Agra and earrings and that's all. 
On the second day I wore the same dress as I wore a year ago. It's from Queen of Darkness and it's sweet as hell. A collar is self made and new. I made it a few days before the trip. It has been haunting on the mind for a few years and finally I decided to carry out. Again I fretted that I forgot the boots because they would have fit perfectly with this outfit too. 
Dress: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Vagabond, Collar: Diy, Bag: Flea market, Harness: Diy, Headpiece: WGT
 On the evening it was raining heavily and also the thunder rumbled over Leipzig. We were watching through a window desperately that does it stop raining or not. Our room was located on 15th floor so we had a good view over Leipzig and now it offered us a dark sky. However with an umbrella we ran to a tram and headed to listening to Hobbit music to this amazing crypt. Again a new venue and this was worth seeing. A picture doesn't tell the truth how massive building it is. 

After the crypt we took the tram again and went Agra for the first time this year to watch VNV Nation which I hadn't seen before. There would have been also fetish parties, but the band won our attention purely. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Wave Gotik Treffen 2017

Greetings from Germany and Wave Gotik Treffen.

So my third WGT is happily behind and everything went well again and we had blast. Wave gotik treffen seems to go always over really quickly. The time just flew and before you realize it is the last day. We arrived at Leipzig on Thursday via Berlin and had nicely time to go pick up our wristbands. We were lucky because there wasn't a long queue so we got our wristbands changed quickly. After that we stopped by a park and met there a bunch of other Finnish visitors which was nice. There were quite a lot of people from Finland also this year so we bumped into Finns every day. We didn't attend an opening party either this year because a bed won. I hadn't slept just at all in a previous night so tiredness was overwhelming. 

On Friday it was time to go to a picnic where we visited also last year! I was dressed in my self made corset and skirt. By the way I forgot my boots which annoyed me quite a lot. I brought them to the shoemaker on Monday and I forgot to pick them up!!! I was about to wear Pennangalan pvc buckle boots which would have looked gorgeous with the outfits. My intention was to pick up those on Wednesday and I remembered later that night that they are still there and the store was already closed. At least they are fixed for the next party now!
I was lazy and didn't take much pictures this year, but there are something which I want to share with you.
On the evening we headed for Felsenkeller to see Skeletal Family. The place was new to us and we were eager to see other venues as well. We have spent much time at Agra in the previous years because all bands I want to see plays always there. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Preparing for WGT

Hello! A week passed since my last post. Weird how the time runs this quickly, but then again I've had all kind of nice affairs. A few days ago we went to play mini golf with me beloved and it was a lot of fun and the day before we paid a visit to a market which was arranged here last week. One night we were sitting on a lake's shore when it was such a beautiful weather after the work and yesterday I went to see one dwelling which is on sale. 

 My summer vacation started yesterday and Wave Gotik Treffen is behind the corner. I have two-week holiday now and two weeks later. Our flight leaves  on Thursday and we will come back on Tuesday night. Hope everything goes well. We will travel via Berlin also this year. Four full days in Germany + those travelling days. 
Not sure if you have seen this skirt before here. I bought it a year ago without proving it from Germany and it pointed out to be a bit tight. Now I have lost a few kilos and it fits much better. I love the pleated skirts, I've always liked them. 
It has been again quite difficult to decide how to dress at WGT and my suitcase is still unfinished. I have chose the garments, but accessories are still without opting. I won't update my blog during the journey so you will see the outfits when I come back, but I will update my Instagram if you want to keep up with. 

 Happy days to you all!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New black dress for summer

I managed to do an unexpected finding the other day while visiting a clothing store: a shorts dress which caught my eye! Before I couldn't imagine to wear a garment like this and to be honest I visited glancing this a few times before I made a decision of buying. At first I thought it is the normal dress, but when I took a closer view I realized there are shorts instead of a skirt part. The dress haunted in my mind so badly that I had to go and get it and besides it fits me perfectly.  I also thought that I could have made it myself, but then again I don't like sewing of chiffon too much and I wanted to get it on immediately when the weather is suitable for it right now. I'm quite convinced I will wear this a lot in the coming months. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


I disappeared to the countryside for the weekend and spent my time by taking a bunch of black and white photographs. That's kind of an institution every time and now it was fairly vernal and nice weather so it was nice to hang out outdoors.

Here is my outfit from Saturday and actually I wore it also on Sunday when  we drove to Turku. 
An old skater dress which I've worn a lot and it starts to show on material. I really like the model and fabric and I consider to sew the similar version if only some nice fabric is found.
So I paid a visit to Turku after a loooong time. Okay last year I visited twice a harbor, but I haven't visited a downtown for years? I didn't remember that the church is this impressive and huge. (when I was a kid, my mom always said "some day you will get hitched there. I guess she has lost her hope for that already) We had just a short visit so I wasn't able to take the pictures, but perhaps I try to go there again. I would like to visit a castle, prison and Aboa Vetus museum. It's interesting, I used to visit there quite often, but since I moved to Tampere I stopped visiting. I didn't like so much Turku before, but now after a long break the whole city opened to me in the new light! (but I still wouldn't like to move there :D)

A short post, but nothing special has happened expect that my fucking ear is again septic and I can't hear properly and that really sucks! Yesterday I was teaching a new employee and that was really awkward when you can't hear normally and the voice sounds odd. Hope this goes over soon.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Walk through the shadows and light

On Thursday afternoon the weather was like my mood; A slightly dismal and gloomy, but also luminous at times. I'd call that for a borderline. Being between two totally different worlds and feelings and not to be sure how to choose. Sometimes I enjoy being blue, but that's also frightening because I don't want that the feeling follows me from day to another and to another. Melancholy feeds my soul and I will always be a captive of dark thoughts. 
We were wandering at the downtown and paid a visit to a one lovely coffee place where I have visited a few times before. It's somehow the really cozy place and not that modern as a interior as the other cafeterias here. It reminds me of the middle Europe like the whole street which leads you there. I don't know how many times I have captured this view through a lens, but obviously it enthralls me and I can't give it a miss.

I was wearing a long skirt after a long time and it actually felt a bit weird. And as you can see, it was snowing... though it's May. A jacket is from Queen of Darkness. I bought it in our first WGT visit. 

This day was perfect to end by drinking a glass of cheap red wine and read one book that based on a tragic story. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

When the light of chosen has died it is time to pay back for their crimes

An outfit from yesterday. I found my ancient collar a while ago when I was cleaning the wardrobes and other lockers. I bought it when I was a high school girl so this happened years and years ago... and I haven't worn it for years.  I have been about to throw it away many times, but some strange feeling inside me has told to keep it just in case. Now I have been very fascinated by it after wearing it. I remember that I had another collar with smaller rivets, but I guess I threw it away. 
Pants are from Actual pain, shoes from K-kenkä and pullover which is lovely is from H&M. 
I've been looking for suitable tattoo artist for my next picture and found a few potential options. Can't wait for getting more ink.